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  1. What is the process for setting up a raw data (mobile activity log) export from Appoxee?

It is not something that can be done through the interface.

By raising an APX DevOps ticket the following "Logs" are available on a one off or automated basis and require an FTP for the files to be placed on.

Data Available:

      • Activations
      • Fields Update
      • Push Open
      • Push Sent
      • Opt Out
      • Registration

      For definitions of these please click here

      To raise a request for these logs please raise an APX DevOps ticket

  1. What is best practice for embedding a static link to a landing page, and having the link open in browser, not in app?
  2. What information is needed to change an expired p12 certificate for an iOS app?
    1. new p12 certificate
    2. Bundle ID (chosen by developer during certificate creation process, can be found in the certificate under section "Push Services:") 
    3. password
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